Alexander Okhrimenko

President of the Ukrainian Analytical Center, Ph.D. in Economics, on the economy and business, latest trends and forecasts.

In times of political battles information provocations are used a lot more. This is how we can call the unreliable information which has been actively disseminated by Ukrainian oppositional mass media about an allegedly secret decision of the Russian business to leave Ukraine. The very essence of data submission was implying that this information was obviously of provocative character, because the source referred to by the oppositional mass media was both confidential and anonymous and at all very much kept-secret. Most likely, this source was another journalistic spoof story, launched with one purpose – to create a provocation and in such a way to intimidate Ukrainians, so that they start panicking and taking away deposits from Ukrainian banks with the Russian capital.

After some time representatives of the Ukrainian banks with the Russian capital, such as “Prominvestbank” and “Sberbank of Russia”, overturned this provocative information. And informed that nobody is going to leave Ukraine. On the contrary, Russian investments into Ukraine are only growing. Here it would be more appropriate to shout that Russians want to buy up everything in Ukraine, and not the other way around.

In this situation what’s alarming is that representatives of the oppositional mass media and leaders of the opposition are always talking about the threat to the freedom of speech. But does this have anything to do with the freedom of speech? Or, according to their logic, the freedom of speech stands for dissemination of intentionally false information? Unfortunately, representatives of the opposition resort to information provocations very often. Certain experts or simply average people intentionally disseminate falsified information through mass media controlled by them. Telling about, or, to be more exact, frightening with default and crisis, mythical strikes and collapses. And Ukrainians get confused by this. In this situation Ukrainians are falling under the influence of intentionally falsified information and, as a result, are making wrong actions. And this is exactly what representatives of the opposition count on. As their goal is to spread panic using information provocations and this way to create problems for average Ukrainians, so that they could consequently get an opportunity to seize power in an unconstitutional way.

Obviously, leaders of the Ukrainian opposition don’t think that it’s easy to spread panic, but it’s very hard and takes time to restore trust of the population.


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