Alexander Okhrimenko

President of the Ukrainian Analytical Center, Ph.D. in Economics, on the economy and business, latest trends and forecasts.

The European politicians have showed once again that their attitude to Ukraine is biased. It is very hard to explain otherwise the untruthful statement of the Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs Radoslaw Sikorski. In particular, Mr. Sikorski said that China set a condition on signing of the EU Association agreement by Ukraine in return for a US 3 billion loan for purchase of grain crops in Ukraine. This information turned out to be false. The ambassador of China in Ukraine Zhang Xiyun doubts the accuracy of statements of the chief of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland, as no conditions regarding Ukraine have been set by China. Unlike European politicians, China plans no interference into the internal affairs of Ukraine, remaining loyal to the agreement entered into at the end of 2013 and planning to purchase grain crops in Ukraine worth of US 3 billion and also invest up to US 30 billion into construction of various objects in Ukraine, including a new sea port in the Black Sea.

It is not a secret that a number of European politicians wish to arrange an insurrection in Ukraine and set a puppet to rule Ukraine but practically pull its strings from Brussels. They have already decided for Ukraine that it would be better for it that way – it if has a talentless governor who is absolutely obedient and ready to fulfill all orders of the European officials. But this does not mean that the Ukrainian people want to be servants of the EU.

In truth, the legitimate government of Ukraine has stated that it is ready to sign the association agreement between Ukraine and the EU. The only condition for it is the good will of the European Union. In this situation, after signing the agreements with China and especially with Russia, Ukraine has settled its trading problems which were the exact reason for the European dialogue put on hold. Now, it is necessary to develop a “road map” by Ukraine and the EU which would be signed along with the association agreement. And it would only be logical to conduct a three-sided consulting between Ukraine, the EU and Russia before signing the agreement, for the purposes of avoiding trade conflicts and misunderstandings after the agreement signing.

If Poland really wishes to have normal friendly relations with Ukraine, its politicians should stop financing commandos and extremists who call themselves the opposition but actually provoke new mess and seizures of state buildings in Ukraine. You cannot hope to build normal relations between the two countries when some top level officials lie and others encourage Ukrainian gunmen pushing them to commit more radical actions. At that, the same European politicians do not want to see Ukraine having open and honest business relations both with the EU countries and China.


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